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History      Only until the next Pennsic War

Welcome to the History of Loch Laven page

The history of Loch Laven began in early fall of 2004. It started as a vision more than an idea at first. A place where one could find out about his or her family lineage and represent it proudly. Not only could people of Scottish decent join but it would be a place where a person isn't judged by race, creed, or culture. Anyone could have the potential to be part of this great household as long as the same passion for Scotland is true and the mutual respect for your fellow Kinsman runs strong.

The Beginning

This is a place I would want to be a part of, I thought to myself. Being influenced by my experiences from my first Pennsic, it's all I could think about. After camping with Vykland Mercenary Camp and seeing how things were actually run (hearing so many different things) I was inspired to look into starting my own household or guild. Their communication and complete loyalty to each other on and off the battle field was incredibly moving. This is what I wanted. All I needed was more people like me who shared the same views. Although that had been my first Pennsic, the experience had changed my life forever.

So I asked myself, “Where would be the best place to start?”

Where it all began, I figured…Pennsic. How, you ask? Well, I figured I would get involved with some local Scottish SCA groups. After about two months of searching around, going through all my SCA contacts I came up empty handed. Unfazed by my failed attempt I decided to look deeper. Then something happened about a week into my search. I was going through my wallet looking for a piece of paper to write on when I came across a phone number I didn't recognize. So just out of plain curiosity I picked up the phone and called it. About two rings into the call I realized who I was calling. Edward Grant, a man like none I had ever met before. The Scotsman I had met at this past Pennsic, and what a Scotsman he was I thought. Standing at 6'4” 275 lbs with a shaved bald head and long grizzled goatee, with a Scottish accent that could melt the heart of any woman. Someone with a passion for life like I had never thought a man could have. He was my friend…Unbelievable I thought. What were the odds the answer to my question was sitting folded up on a little piece of paper in my wallet this whole time.

“Hello?” The other line picked up. I hesitated for a second before I actually said anything because. There was no accent in the voice I heard on the other line. “Is Edward there?” I asked. The voice on the other line fell silent for a moment before the voice responded in a deep Scottish brogue “Aye and who may this be?” Relived to hear his voice but still thrown off by the fact that I had thought the accent was real when I had met him those months ago. “It's Colin of Vykland.” I said in a cheerful manner. “Colin! Nice to hear from you!” After chatting for a while and learning of his fondness for McDonald's cheeseburgers and sake (Japanese rice wine) we had come to the decision that I should make a trip down to Virginia to stay a weekend and catch up on things.

As a result of our long talk I eventually made some free time that coincided with both our schedules and took the trip down. Somewhere during this trip (in between the drinking and partying) I brought the idea up for starting a household. During at which time I had asked him to help run it with me. What transpired from there was what I think of as “The Birth” of Loch Laven. We talked about a Scottish household like no other. We went on about it for hours. At which point we made the decision to go ahead and form Loch Laven. The following day we decided to make it official. There happened to be a tattoo convention a few towns over from his place where we were staying. So we jumped in the car and headed out. With pride in our eyes and hopes for the future in our hearts we both got our “Official” Loch Laven tattoos on our left arms. To this day I wear mine proudly commerating that great day.


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